26 May 2009

A Non-Jazz Recommendation

Juana Molina
Don't call Juana Molina a one person band. The term "one man band" carries with it plenty of bad connotations, but Molina fashions the one person band into a riveting experience. Molina creates rich tapestries of sound, weaving together vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion and myriad other noises into haunting melodies. Molina's vocals are especially intriguing, weaving in and out of tune on purpose, alternately building and releasing tension in a manner reminiscent of Albert Ayler's screaming tenor saxophone. Listen to the album on headphones, and let the pillowy sound envelope you.

Major h/t: Radiolab

Track Listing
: Día; Vive Solo, Lo Dejamos; Los Hongos de Marosa; Quién? (Suite); El Vestido; No Llama; Dar (Qué Difícil)

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