16 January 2009

Friday Album Cover: Talkin' About!

Grant Green
Talkin' About!

Blue Note's album catalog is so large that every so often I will come across an interesting album cover that I had never seen before. Such is the case with Grant Green's Talkin' About, which I did not know even existed until I saw it featured on Into the Rhythm this morning. The cover follows the traditional Blue Note motif (black-and-white photo, sans-serif text, minimalist theme), but adds a wrinkle with the album's title adding it to the album's song titles. This gives the cover kind of a vernacular feel to it, highlighting Green's bluesy aesthetic. The album also claims, "You'll be talkin' about it too!," a not-so-subtle endorsement reminiscent of Everybody Digs Bill Evans. All in all, the cover is a winner.

h/t: Into the Rhythm

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