29 December 2010

The Death of Smooth Jazz

"We were one of the last smooth jazz stations to bail on the format. But it's been in trouble for a while. There’s been a shift in the industry, where the quantity of listeners became more important than the quality of listeners. The radio stations that have lots of listeners, regardless of how long they listen, will be rewarded, and the stations whose listeners listen passionately aren’t rewarded. The 'JZA listeners weren’t button-pushers."
Read the whole thing here, via Marginal Revolution.


GKahn said...

You are a little late. I announced the death in May 2010

Anonymous said...

WJZA symbolized everything that is wrong with smooth jazz. No DJ's. Artists such as Simply Red, Michael McDonald and Alicia Keys whom are nobody's idea of "jazz" musicians, no original content, songs would play and there was no one to identify what song had played.

I blogged about the passage of this poor representative of a genre that deserves far better presentation.


I hated WJZA and do not mourn its passage. It was a bad joke and the joke is over.