10 July 2010

It's Funny Because It's True

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins on jazz:

Paul F. Tompkins - Jazz is Lousy
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Whether you like the bit or not, this guy has clearly listened to some jazz, otherwise he wouldn't know about musicians laughing on stage. Not for nothing, this is Exhibit A in my case for rebranding jazz.


allen mez said...

Perfect. While we're pulling back the curtain how about the truth about the Jazz Life today.

Re-post this cautionary tale. just saying.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! "Suppose you fall down some stairs into a jazz club". Love it.

Funny that when people riff on Lady Gaga no one says pop music needs "rebranding"...

Anonymous said...

This guy is deadly serious, man, and he is so absolutely right: Most jazz musicians of today have no humor ;-)

A friend of mine, a bass player, told me a funny story about that certain "knowing laughter" about some inside joke on stage:

He had attended a jazz concert with a bunch of really famous jazz musicians, some leading jazz guys from the first row, jazz celebrities you may call them. An all star group.

There was a bass solo, and there it was: The bassist played a "funny" note, and the others smiled at him. Okay, that's not the end yet.

My friend watched the very same all star group on TV. It was a different concert, not the one he had attended.

The bass solo again. The very same "funny" note, at the very same spot during his - needless to say - lengthy solo. And the rest of the band? The very same knowing smile!

It was kinda "rehearsed" thing, and not at all spontaneous as it seemed to be at the live concert.

My friend, really an outstanding bass player, who has played with Lee Konitz, Kenny Wheeler, Randy Brecker, and many other famous jazz players during his long career, he told me that he stopped taking some guys too seriously after this little, but significant episode.