10 June 2009

This May Explain Why They Never Sent Me That Free DVD With My Subscription...

Howard Mandel alerted us that Jazz Times might be shutting its doors, and on Monday, the jazz magazine posted the following on its website:
To our readers and members of the jazz community:

JazzTimes has temporarily suspended publication of the magazine and has furloughed the bulk of its staff while it finalizes a sale of its assets. The brand and operation will undergo reorganization and restructuring in order to remain competitive in the current media climate. Print publishing is expected to resume as soon as a sale is closed. New information and statements will be posted at www.jazztimes.com as they become available.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging period.

JazzTimes Management

While I am genuinely disappointed to see JazzTimes go (even if it is only temporary), the fact is there are plenty of other outlets for jazz news and criticism on the web. Even in the jazz blogosphere, a tiny neighborhood on the web comparatively, you can find great jazz content from journalists, musicians, traditional media outlets, and even amateurs (including yours truly). The end of JazzTimes may be a bit of a shock right now, but the music, and the accompanying background noise, will play on.

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