13 February 2009


Those hard bop posts took a long time, so I'm taking the weekend off. Enjoy the links, see you next week...
  • One of my favorite time-wasters is If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. They have plenty of photo collections for any taste, but two that potentially of interest to readers of this blog are The Art of Jazz and The Friends of Milt Hinton, featuring the photography of the great bassist. Bonus points for anyone who can guess the reference in the blog's title...
  • Nat Hentoff has begun writing for jazz.com. Here's his first contribution, on Nesuhi Ertegun and Joel Dorn.
  • Have you ever read any of Brad Mehldau's prose? He's quite a thoughtful writer, and many of his writings are posted on his website (you can also download his complete works on a pdf here).
  • Just in time for Valentine's Day, Night Lights will be looking at some husband-and-wife teams in jazz on tonight's show.
  • Since today is Friday the 13th, I wanted to post a video of Monk playing his tune of the same name (from his Prestige date with Sonny Rollins), but there is no video to be found on YouTube. Instead, here is a trio recording of Friday the 13th performed by Avram Fefer on saxophone, Michael Bisio on bass, and Igal Foni on drums.

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