23 October 2008

Fun Fact

What do Dizzy Gillespie and actor Rainn Wilson (who plays Dwight on The Office) have in common?

If you answered, "They are both followers of the Bahá'í Faith," then twenty points goes to you.

Program Note: I have decided to make Friday Album Cover an occasional feature. The reason is simple: I've run out of album covers that I wanted to write about, and I don't have the time right now to search for a new one every week. I could just pick random covers and write, but that isn't as interesting to me...

Onto some links...
  • Jazz.com recently interviewed saxophonist and fellow Miami-transplant Marcus Strickland.
  • Amazon.com is offering a free download of an ECM sampler on their mp3 site. The sampler features tracks from Pat Metheny Group, Charles Lloyd, Bill Frisell, and Chick Corea, among others. Get it while it is available.
  • Nice Kenny Garrett interview at All About Jazz.
  • The National Endowment for the Arts held their annual Jazz Masters ceremony, bestowing the title upon Lee Konitz, Jimmy Cobb, and Rucy Van Gelder, among others.
  • R.I.P. to Neal Hefti, whose Basie charts were a favorite to play in my high school jazz band.
  • Someone pointed out Heliocentric Worlds to me the other day, where I saw this awesome video of Charles Lloyd with Keith Jarrett, Cecil McBee, and Jack DeJohnette from the late sixties:

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