02 May 2008

Friday Album Cover: Prime Directive

Dave Holland Quintet
Prime Directive

Since the first three Friday album covers have come from old recordings, I opted for an album cover of more recent vintage this week. Dave Hollands 1999 quintet recording Prime Directive opts for a simple cover theme. The use of what looks to be a simple stoop on a city brownstone evokes a certain familiarity, which is representative of the sympatico relationship between the members of Holland's band. Holland's quintet has been one of the most exciting groups in jazz for the past decade, largely because he manages to keep a stable lineup that plays and records together often enough to develop an impressive cohesion. Indeed, a recording from this quintet often feels like a meeting among friends on the stoop; the group sounds like they have been playing together their entire lives, but continue to interest each other (and their audience) because they can explore sides of each others' personality that can only be revealed through close contact over a period of years.

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