27 June 2008

Friday Album Cover: These Are the Vistas

The Bad Plus
These Are the Vistas

This week, coinciding with their quartet performance with Kurt Rosenwinkel (review), we will be looking major-label debut of The Bad Plus, These Are the Vistas. Easily my favorite Bad Plus album (I could listen to an endless loop of "Big Eater" and their cover of "Flim"), the cover presents a simple portrait of a robot vaguely reminiscent of R2D2. The notes to the album inform us that the robot is named Robonaut, who is (perhaps) "alone on a distant outpost in space, talking into the void." Since I'm being lazy this week, I won't add any other comments.

One final note: If you haven't already, be sure to check out The Bad Plus' blog, Do the Math. It's a winner.

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